Martha Coakley Reflects on Losing Massachusetts Governor's Race

In her first television interview since conceding the race to become Massachusetts' next governor, Martha Coakley reflected on her campaign with Broadside host Jim Braude.

She said she feels good despite losing to Republican Governor-elect Charlie Baker.

"I wish we had won, obviously, and we had so many volunteers who did such great work," she said.

Coakley took a decent amount of heat from political observers and fellow Democrats for not conceding on election night. How did she feel about it?

"Look at that stage, and 1 o'clock, 1:30, there were still a lot of votes out. We were on an upswing, we just knew we weren't going to get a result early enough in the evening," she said. "I called Charlie. I said, 'Look, we're going to wait 'til the morning.' He was very gracious, and we thought that made sense to do that, and we had hundreds of supporters the next day when I did concede."

The attorney general said she hopes to be an advocate for issues such as mental health, domestic violence and human trafficking after she leaves public office. 

Watch the above video for the complete interview.

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