Massachusetts Primary Night Preview

Mass. state Sen. Ben Downing and Mass. GOP chair Kirsten Hughes all have stakes in Tuesday's contests

All of the Democratic candidates for Massachusetts governor are excited to face Charlie Baker in November's general election, according to state Sen. Ben Downing, co-chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party's coordinated campaign.

"Our 11 statewide candidates, including our three candidates for governor, have been out there crisscrossing the 351 cities and towns of this Commonwealth, and they've been taking their message of how we're going to continue to move Massachusetts forward," the Pittsfield Democrat said.

A Republican primary between Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher was good for the party to help hone the messages of Baker, the presumptive nominee, Massachusetts GOP chair Kirsten Hughes said.

"I think when you look at the Democratic field, it doesn't matter who wins this evening. You know that Charlie Baker is going come in here and start tomorrow the campaign to make Massachusetts great and to really take this state in a direction that he knows he can bring it in with his experience in the private sector as well as the private sector," she said. 

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