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On Eve of Boston Mayoral Election, Negative Ads Make Waves

Ahead of Tuesday's election, Boston mayoral candidates Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George made their final pitches to voters, with Wu calling out the latest attack ad from a PAC supporting her opponent

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Boston's mayoral candidates spent the final day before the election making their cases to voters.

Seniors at the Forever Young Center in Hyde Park prayed over Boston mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi George more than halfway through her final non-stop 24 hour campaign blitz.

"The city's voters are still making their minds up," she said.

With one day left, Essaibi George says she is not paying attention to the polls, which have consistently showed her 30 points behind Michelle Wu.

"It certainly appears that there's been an over reliance on certain demographics. But I will leave that to the pollsters," she argued.

Across town, on the Boston University campus, Wu held a meet-and-greet at the Pavement Coffeehouse, where workers are in the process of unionizing.

Wu told employees that if elected, "I'll appoint a chief of worker empowerment."

Wu was joined by her former law school professor and political mentor, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The race has taken a turn for the negative in recent days with the release of an attack ad aimed at Wu from a PAC supporting Essaibi George claiming Wu got a sweetheart deal on her Roslindale home — an assertion that has been proven inaccurate.

Asked about the ad, Essaibi George said, "I have denounced the PACs. I've asked the PACs months ago to step out of this race. And I will be very clear with you, I've seen pieces of the ad, I haven't watched the ad. I'm working."

Asked if she feels Essaibi George has done enough to reject negative ads, she replied, "No … the statements at this point in the campaign that have been put out by some of the Trump affiliated super PACs are quite disappointing. They're false."

The Wu campaign has issued a cease and desist order on that ad, calling it defamatory. Essaibi George says she has no ability to communicate with the third-party PAC whose ads support her.

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