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Political Harmony: New England Politicians Sing ‘Jingle Bell Rock'

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown all joined in

Ten years ago, necn political reporter Alison King had an idea - convince prominent New England politicians to sing a holiday tune.

But she said it almost didn't happen.

"I just remember I thought it would be fun to put this song together, and started asking people to do it, and the reaction was, 'What are you, crazy? I'm not going to make a fool out of myself!'"

Flights sit on the tarmac, cars are still buried in, and school vacationers face a significant amount of delays at Logan Airport.

That is, until the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy agreed to take part. Then everyone started calling and asking to be a part of the song.

"If Ted Kennedy had not agreed to do it, it never would have happened," King said.

Politicians including the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, Boston Mayor Tom Menino, former Gov. Mitt Romney and current Gov. Deval Patrick participated in a holiday singalong!

A decade later, Alison is still wrangling politicians into participating in her yearly holiday song.

"It's just sort of taken on a life of its own," she said this week.

King has done a holiday song for most of the 10 years since that first one in 2006, although she acknowledges she skipped a year or two in between.

These days, it's far easier to get politicians to participate.

"Now people kind of get psyched to do it," King said. "Their press people enjoy setting it up because they get to sit and laugh at their boss while they're doing it."

Almost no one turns down the chance to participate, although King said outgoing U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire did say no this year, and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont never got back to her.

Some of them - like former Massachussets Gov. Deval Patrick - are surprisingly good singers.

Others? Well... not so much.

"(Congressman) Joe Kennedy would be the first to tell you he can't sing," King said. "He gets up and does it and it's torture for him."

So who are the stars of this year's "Jingle Bell Rock" video? King said Congressman Seth Moulton was "the sleeper" and she thought he did a good job of hamming it up. Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu was also great, she said.

"It's the whole notion that you see a part of the politician's personality that you often don't get a glimmer of."

Political Harmony Alumni:


Ted Kennedy

John Kerry

Elizabeth Warren

Ed Markey

Scott Brown

Maggie Hassan


Bill Weld

Mitt Romney

Deval Patrick

Charlie Baker

John Sununu 


Tom Menino

Marty Walsh

Mayor Buddy Cianci


Rep Joe Kennedy

Rep Seth Moulton

Rep Michael Capuano


Attorney General Martha Coakley

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