Reactions to Democratic Primary Contests

It was exactly 8 years ago that Hillary Clinton said, "I endorse him and throw my full support behind him," regarding her Democratic rival Barack Obama, following a long and contentious primary:

It is precisely the message the Clinton campaign is hoping to hear from Bernie Sanders following an equally fierce battle now that Clinton has mathematically clinched the nomination. But one of the only hints at Sanders next move is this from his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver today:

"...We know that this race is going to carry on until the delegates cast ballots at the convention... I am asking you to continue to stand with Bernie in pushing for the political revolution."

Sue Sturman is a Clinton supporter who says, "I think he has every right to continue into the convention but I think that he should be talking about, you know, unifying the party, do we have in common."

Sturman worries that Sanders, still challenging Clinton, has already done damage to the Democrats chances in the fall.

She said, "I had someone at my dinner table the other night who is a full-grown Bernie supporter, who said she'll have nothing to do with Hillary and she'll vote for Trump."

And that is what Democratic analyst Alex Goldstein believes will be the ultimate uniter. He said,"Both have one really big thing in common, they both know that a Trump presidency would be a disaster."

Still, Clinton supporters, like Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, know better then to try to push Sanders. He said, "Bernie's a smart man. He'll decide himself when the right time is, how he is going to land this plane."

There are plenty of Sanders supporters, like 24 year old Candy Maybra, who think it is still too early to give up.

She said, "I was raised to start something and finish it. Even if I lose - finish it."

Alex Goldstein thinks Sanders will play a big role going forward.

"I think that Bernie has an opportunity to be a powerful voice of continuing to raise the issue of income inequality at the convention as the critical issue for Democrats to be pushing in November," Goldstein said.

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