Rhode Islanders React to Upcoming Presidential Primaries

Connecticut and Rhode Island will have their presidential primary elections this upcoming Tuesday.

The two small states offer candidates just a fraction of the delegates of their big state counterparts, and don't usually have any effect on the nomination process, this late in the primary game. But not this year.

John Kasich surrogate Dawson Hodgson says, "We are heading to a contested convention in Cleveland, Ohio, this summer. That means 19 Rhode Islanders are going to play a critical role in choosing the Republican nominee for the United States."

Surrogates for the Republican candidates were educating residents at the Laurelmeade retirement community, where voters were motivated in support of the Republican front runner and in fear of the Democrat front runner. One supporter said, "The people that I speak to, they're all in favor of Donald. We need an outsider."

Christine Freiburger of Providence, Rhode Island, said, "Which candidate has the better chance of defeating Hillary?"

But this being heavily Democratic-leaning Rhode Island, Hillary Clinton has plenty of support.

Liz Paci of Warwick, Rhode Island, says she's excited to vote for a female candidate.

Bernie Sanders has support as well.

Jon Staloff says, "Though his path to the nomination is indeed narrowing, there is actually a path, and whatever states are left, he has to perform there."

This is why Sanders will make three stops in Connecticut or Rhode Island by Monday. Clinton will make two stops as will Donald Trump.

Providence Business owner Jerry Erlich says, "For Trump, unfortunately he's waiting on 54 votes he might not get out of Pennsylvania. You've got Bernie trying to prove a point, and Hillary has to keep spinning her wheels."

Former Rhode Island GOP State Party Chair Mark Zaccaria said, "So my vote in November is not going to be as important as my vote on the 26th of April when I can send the message, at least to the Republican national committee, saying, here's the guy that should be our guy."

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