State of the Presidential Race

Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson campaigned in New Hampshire Wednesday.

Carly Fiorini, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are in the state this weekend.

With just over four months till the New Hampshire primary, the pressure is on the Presidential candidates to begin locking in the support and cash they will need if they want to survive until February and beyond.

"Even though we all know that voters don't make up their minds until later, especially in New Hampshire, donors want to see results now," University of New Hampshire Professor Dante Scala said.

The latest Republican poll shows a tale of two races. The national race shows the top-tier to be Trump and Carson in a statistical tie at 21 and 20. Fiorina and Marco Rubio, tied at 11 percent - all other candidates in single digits.

But in New Hampshire, Trump has a 10 point lead over Fiorina, 26 to 16, with all other candidates trailing. While Trump may be losing some ground nationally, he is still the front runner in New Hampshire.

Trump may be a billionaire but for Sarah Adinolfi of Manchester, "He's for the people, relatable.. He's rich, he knows how to make money, keep money, save money. I think he's good overall."

More concerning for Trump might be that in a head-to-head matchup with democrat Hillary Clinton, Clinton beats him by 10 points, 49 to 39.

Hillary Clinton tops the latest national poll with 42 percent to Bernie Sanders 35 percent and Joe Biden 17 percent.

But in New Hampshire it is Sanders who has a 16 point lead over Clinton 46 percent to 30 percent. Biden with 14 percent - A number that could go up quickly if Biden gets in.

"I hope Biden is going to get in.... He's been doing such a great job, all along he's been right there doing everything," Brita Carignan of Nashua said.

If Biden doesn't get in, Clinton will have the establishment all to herself. Still, Scala will keep his eye on Biden.

"Whether he's going to be this 'in case of emergency' candidate" who's waiting in South Carolina in case Hillary stumbles twice, in Iowa and in New Hampshire," Scala said.

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