Steelers Fan John Kasich on Tom Brady: ‘He's A Good Guy'

The Republican presidential candidate was asked about Deflategate during Thursday's appearance on Broadside

During Thursday's appearance on Broadside, GOP presidential candidate John Kasich was asked what he thinks of the NFL's handling of Deflategate and Tom Brady's suspension.

Kasich, a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and Ohio State grad (Brady went to rival Michigan), mostly defended the New England Patriots quarterback.

"We keep wanting to tear people down who we have grown to respect and admire," he said. "We all are flawed. I'm flawed, man. OK, I don't know what Brady did, but I don't want to run Brady into the ground.

"He's been a good guy," Kasich added. "He did go to the University of Michigan, and I'm an Ohio State graduate - we take odds with that."

Kasich explained that he feels the way Brady's reputation is being treated hurts children.

"Kids need to have heroes, and sometimes we dig so far into their lives we tend to - we tarnish them," he said. "I'm kind of old fashioned, you know - I don't need to know everything about Babe Ruth - he was a great baseball player. And Tom Brady's a great quarterback."

Of course, the Ohio governor couldn't let it go without sneaking in one quick Deflategate joke, concluding his remarks by saying that he'd like to meet Brady so the quarterback could bring Kasich a fully inflated football.

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