Trump: “The Country is Going to Hell”

Real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump is heading to New Hampshire as he again considers a presidential run

Another potential presidential candidate was in New Hampshire Thursday. Donald Trump made the visit the day after he announced an exploratory committee.

"People are always saying, 'is he going to run, is he going to run?'" said Trump. "You know, I have a great television show, I do have a great life, I have a business that I love, but the country is going to hell."

Trump is back in the Granite State for the second time as a possible presidential candidate, giving signals he's more serious than he was four years ago when he created a lot of buzz in the state, but then backed out.

Wednesday, he opened the presidential exploratory committee and he decided not to renew his contract for his TV reality show, "The Apprentice."

"If I decide to run, and I think a lot of you are going to be very pleasantly surprised, because I hate to see what's happening to our country," he said.

Trump spent Tuesday meeting with veterans and business owners. His final event was a house party at the Amherst home of New Hampshire Rep. Steven Stefanak, where more than 300 sheared, laughed and clapped as Trump the served up his famous self-promotion.

"Who is better than building than Trump? And who is better at building a fence than Trump?" he said.

He criticized his potential opponent, Jed Bush.

"You see Bush on Common Core, where he wants education to start - I mean, think of it, education to start - in Washington," said Trump. "Education should be local."

He explained why he thinks Wall Streeters would be better negotiators with other countries than diplomats.

"We have the greatest and smartest and most brilliant people on Wall Street," he said. "I know them. They're not nice. They're terrible. Many of them are terrible human beings, I know them all. Many of them are the worst - I want them negotiating with China."

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