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Prosecutors: Allegations Against Cuomo Credible But Can't Be Charged

Multiple county prosecutors launched probes into the former governor this summer after an Attorney General's report concluded he had committed criminal sexual harassment

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Westchester County prosecutors found that two separate allegations of inappropriate behavior against former governor Andrew Cuomo were "credible" but could not be charged as crimes under New York law.

"Our investigation found credible evidence to conclude that the alleged conduct in both instances described above did occur. However, in both instances, my Office has determined that, although the allegations and witnesses were credible, and the conduct concerning, we cannot pursue criminal charges due to the statutory requirements of the criminal laws of New York," Westchester County DA Miriam Rocah said in a statement Tuesday.

Rocah's office investigated two allegations: a claim by a member of Cuomo's security detail he'd inappropriately kissed her on the cheek, and a second by a woman who alleged the then-governor took her by the arm and kissed her cheek at a high school event.

Last week, the Nassau County DA's office similarly said that after an investigation, it found claims against Cuomo "deeply troubling" but not criminal.

The former governor does face a misdemeanor charge in Albany County over an alleged encounter with a staffer, though that case has been beset by problems since the day it was filed, including the DA saying he had no idea it was happening.

Cuomo resigned as governor in August after the attorney general's office released a report finding he had committed criminal sexual harassment. A separate probe by the state Assembly backed up those conclusions.

Cuomo has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and insisted that the investigations were politically motivated.

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