What's the Boston 2024 Price Tag?

In the wake of a week of problematic MBTA service that followed two major snowstorms, officials are discussing changes that could need to take place, considering Boston's bid to host the 2014 Olympic Games.

Democratic Rep. William Straus, the chair of the state's Joint Transportation Committee, joined Jim Braude on Broadside.

Having reviewed public documents, Straus says he determined that the transportation projects outlined by Olympics advocates total $13 billion.

"I think this discussion can take place without an Olympics component, in the sense that there are major infrastructure, transportation-related needs that this state has over the next decade," he added.

Straus said that figure does not include the South Coast Rail project. He said that some of the projects were in the pipeline, independent of the Olympics.

Tuesday on Broadside, Boston 2024 CEO Rich Davey, the former Massachusetts secretary of transportation, told Braude the projects were funded.

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