Your Tattoo Is Free – If It’s of Donald Trump

Meet Bob Holmes, a tattoo artist in Seabrook, New Hampshire. Holmes was never very political.

"I haven't voted for any candidate for anything in my whole entire life," he said.

Holmes never thought his vote would matter. But that's all going to change one week from Tuesday when Holmes walks into a voting booth for the first time ever to cast a vote for Donald Trump.

"He's not a politician," said Holmes. "He says every single thing that every person is thinking, but doesn't have the guts to say it."

Holmes is so passionate about Trump, he's offering free tattoos – as long as the tattoo includes Trump's name, face or slogan.

He says 14 people have already taken him up on the deal.

For all those more mainstream, Republican-leaning voters who asked the question, "Who are these Trump voters and what is the attraction?" Holmes has an answer.

"As a business owner, I like the fact that he's a business owner and that this country has to start to run like that," said Holmes.

That is a mindset that is shared by tens of thousands of Trump supporters in New Hampshire – a fervor that is matched only by those who… Can't stand him.

"He is a slick and oily con man who is saying anything that he thinks gets him ahead," Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid said of Trump.

McQuaid penned a scathing front page editorial about Trump and his decision to skip Thursday nights televised, Republican debate saying Trump is a schoolyard, rich–kid bully who thinks he can push around networks, newspapers – even New Hampshire voters.

"What he's really saying is, look at these yokels – it doesn't matter what I do - I can con them. But I don't think that is going to work for a lot of people in New Hampshire."

Donald Trump is back in New Hampshire on Friday morning for a rally in Nashua.

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