Bruins Fans Excited Despite Shorter Season

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) - Hockey fans don't need a reminder what happens at T.D. Garden in two days.

The lockout is over and though they are upset about lost games, they are ready for the puck to drop.

Sick of seeing hockey players dressed like investment bankers? Donald Fehr with a briefcase? Gary Bettman taking questions?

So are all of people who showed up at the Harp in Boston for the "Hockey Resurrection Party".

Rene Rancourt sang the anthem at the Harp, and Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton made rounds at the party, eager to put the lockout behind him.

"Is there disgust that some fans have with the whole process or do you think everybody will be back?" NECN asked.

"Oh I'm sure fans are pissed and I would be too, but I think we're pretty lucky that we have a loyal fan base," Thornton said.

Before he gets to hit a Montreal Canadien, someone else will crush this piñata to be auctioned then destroyed.

The NHL says hockey is back, and the players are eager to get on the ice, but will the fans follow the puck back to the Garden for the shortened 48 game season?

Ultimately, their answer was yes.

One of the comments NECN always heard in the run up to the Stanley Cup in 2011 was how approachable this team and these players are, and we don't expect that to stop as they regain and reaffirm their fan base.

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