Sox Fans Upset About NFL, Too

(NECN: Deanna Morgan, Boston) - As we walked down Landsdowne Street, baseball fans were more than happy to talk about football.

Everyone is upset about the NFL labor dispute, the replacement referees, and their bad calls.

"I mean, I know the guys are in there and they're trying to do the best they can, but bring back the professionals, come on," says Mary Chris Kenney while on her way into Wednesday night's Red Sox game.

Every couple hours football fans would here "an agreement could be close."

Football fans are over it.

"It's just makin a joke of the NFL," says John Gonzales, who is in Boston visiting from Houston. "Looks like professional wrestling pretty much."

"I wish they would just settle it," says Chris Kenney.

Here's what the NFL has settled: Bill Belichick will get a $50,000 fine for grabbing a replacement referee during Sunday's game.

"Oh, that's Belichick for ya," says Gonzales.

"He didn't hurt anybody," says Loretta Melcher, a die hard Patriots fan. "He...just wanted them to review it and they just ignored him."

"Everybody's frustrated...from the coaches to the players to the fans," says Gonzales.

"I would've done the same thing if I was him [Belichick]," says Adam Hineline, a Seahawks fan.

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