Winter Vinecki

Winter Vinecki and Ashley Caldwell Look to Clinch the Gold in Women's Aerials

Winter Vinecki and Ashley Caldwell are the best chance Team USA has at podium placement during the women’s aerials finals

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Team USA’s Winter Vinecki and Ashley Caldwell will be competing in the women’s aerials finals on Monday. They are the USA’s best hopes at securing a medal in the freestyle skiing event. 

Ashley Caldwell is a four-time Olympian and she just won her first career Olympic medal, which also happened to be a gold, during the debut of the mixed team aerials event alongside Chris Lillis and Justin Schoenefeld. She and the rest of Team USA defeated China (silver) and Canada (bronze) during the novel event, which took place on Thursday, Feb. 10. 

Winter Vinecki is a first time Olympian, a World Cup gold medalist and a two-time marathon world record holder (which she achieved before she turned 15). 

Caldwell and Vinecki will compete in the women’s aerials qualification event, which was postponed due to weather conditions. What was originally supposed to be Sunday at 6 a.m. EST, is now taking place just four hours before the finals, on Monday at 2 a.m. EST. Watch here:

Stay tuned for the women’s aerials finals, which is set to begin at 6 a.m. EST on Monday morning.

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