Beijing Olympics

WATCH: The Worst Ski Crashes of the Beijing Olympics So Far

The alpine skiing competition has provided some terrific drama during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, from Mikaela Shiffrin's well-documented struggles to some incredible performances.

But Shiffrin was far from alone in her battle to tame the "Ice River," as plenty of other skiers have fallen during races and training runs, leading to multiple injuries. Some of the crashes were weather-related, others were caused simply by the difficulty of the course and some unlucky breaks on the snow.

Here are some of the worst crashes we've seen so far:

Luke Winters Walks Away from Scary Crash in Olympic Debut

24-year-old Luke Winters, the only American in the men's slalom competition, suffered an early elimination but fortunately avoided major injury.

'Ice River' Giant Slalom Course Claims Over 20 Crash Victims

Alpine skiers compete on hills that are taller than buildings and sometimes that leads to some bad crashes.

Blizzard Conditions Lead to 33 Crashes in Men's Giant Slalom

Already treacherous enough in the best of weather, the "Ice River" giant slalom course became downright impossible for one-third of the field in the men's GS.

Jasmine Flury Crashes During Downhill Training Run

Swiss Alpine skier Jasmine Flury crashes through the protective netting as she was going down the downhill course.

Course Worker Gets in the Way of Slalom Run

Alpine skier Eva Vukadinova of Bulgaria had to re-do her first slalom run after a course worker strayed onto the course.

Paula Moltzan Saves Crash on One Leg, Finishes 12th in Giant Slalom

Team USA's Paula Moltzan nearly crashed during her second giant slalom run, but kept her balance on one ski and finished the competition in top-15 position.

American Skier Nina O'Brien Crashes During Giant Slalom Run

At the end of her second run in the giant slalom event, USA's Nina O'Brien crashes and tumbles through the finish line.

German Skier Suffers Big Crash on 'Rock' Downhill Course

Germany's Dominik Schwaiger was tobogganed off the Yanqing Alpine Skiing Center downhill course after crashing into the protective netting.

Mikaela Shiffrin Crashes Out of Women's Giant Slalom

Defending giant slalom gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin shocking failed to finish her first run down the "Ice River" course, skiing out and eliminating herself from medal contention.

Ukrainian Alpine Skier Crashes in Downhill Training

The 'Rock' downhill course claimed its first victim on the second day of men's downhill training: Ukrainian skier Ivan Kovbasnyuk.

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