Dolphins' Mike Gesicki Promises to Stop Doing Viral Griddy Celebration

Gesicki's griddy appears to be no more

Dolphins’ Mike Gesicki promises to stop doing griddy celebration originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The griddy celebration has taken over the sports world, but not every player gets love for it.

Originally invented by Louisiana native Allen Davis – who is a friend of former LSU and current NFL stars Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase, who popularized the dance in the NFL – it has become a routine move for many after scoring a touchdown.

However, for players like Mike Gesicki of the Miami Dolphins, maybe it’s not the right celebration to do, as seen on Sunday against Jefferson’s Minnesota Vikings.

That was Gesicki’s second attempt at the griddy on the season, which caught the eye of Chase and Robert Griffin III on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. 

Gesicki quoted Chase’s tweet that read, “I ain’t going [to] lie, this ain’t it!” by saying that he promises to stop for the future and only do it at home.  

After his first attempt against the Baltimore Ravens on Sept. 18 went viral, Gesicki tweeted that he’d keep practicing at home to improve it for next time. 

It turns out practice doesn’t always make perfect – at least not with Gesicki’s griddy. 

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