Leslie Jones Still Has the Best Tweets, This Time She's Tackling Figure Skating

Leslie Jones really loves the Olympics. She became a household name during the Rio Olympics because of her crazy commentary on Twitter. Thankfully for everyone she's back to her entertaining ways.

Here's some of her best takes on the team figure skating event:

Don't slip!

Everyone can do this, right?

This is totally a "Bring It On" move.

Remember "Matilda"? Leslie Jones would go flying.

Totally killed it.

Johnny Weir could totally be her twin, right?

Who doesn't love Tara and Johnny?

Canada, eh?

Is there an art to picking suspenders?

Game recognizes game.

Last but not least, she slayed.

The Games are just beginning so we definitely haven't heard the last from Jones. Plus, skating returns to primetime Tuesday night!

[NATL] Funny Faces of Figure Skating

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