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USA Podium Sweep Still in Play After All Four Americans Reach Ski Halfpipe Final

Aaron Blunck led the way with the top score from qualifying

Could the United States sweep the podium in men's freeski slopestyle this year? That possibility remains alive after all four of the team's male halfpipe skiers successfully qualified for the final.

Aaron Blunck led the way with the top score from qualifying, but teammates Alex Ferreira and Torin Yater-Wallace were close behind him. Those three skiers were the top three from the qualifying round.

David Wise, who fell on his first run, dialed things back on his second attempt with a conservative safety run. It landed him in eighth place, enough to secure him a spot in the final as well.


The 12 skiers from the qualifying round have advanced to the halfpipe final.

1. Aaron Blunck (USA), 94.4
2. Alex Ferreira (USA), 92.6
3. Torin Yater-Wallace (USA), 89.6
4. Byron Wells (NZL), 88.6
5. Beau-James Wells (NZL), 88.2
6. Kevin Rolland (FRA), 87.8
7. Mike RIddle (CAN), 82.2
8. David Wise (USA), 79.6
9. Noah Bowman (CAN), 77.2
10. Thomas Krief (FRA), 74.4
11. Nico Porteous (NZL), 72.8
12. Andreas Gohl (AUT), 68.6

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