Neighbors Annoyed by Patriots Receiver Danny Amendola's Carport in Providence, Rhode Island

New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola is drawing the ire of his neighbors in Providence, Rhode Island.

The professional athlete allegedly installed a temporary carport in his driveway in the city's expensive College Hill neighborhood, shielding his Audi from the snow so that he can get to practice on time.

"Some people said that this was catastrophic," said neighbor Amy Greenwald.

"People around here are definitely protective of the look of the neighborhood," said neighbor Justin Boyan.

"We all have beautiful, clapboard houses, and here's this horrible kind of tin structure, with metal and black, and it just looks chintzy," said Greenwald.

The Associated Press reports Amendola is renting the home and applied to the city last month for permission to put the carport behind the historic 1774 structure.

It's supposed to come down in February.

"I don't think it's the most beautiful addition to the neighborhood, but my understanding is that he vetted it with the historic district and he got the OK until the end of the season, basically," said Boyan.

Boyan has lived in his home for more than a decade and says he just recently met Amendola.

"I met him in January when we were both having sewage issues, but I actually didn't recognize him," said Boyan. "I just thought, oh, here's the new neighbor, he's awfully buff.'"

He says he now has sympathy for the wide receiver.

"I feel a little bad that his anonymity in the neighborhood is now a thing of the past," he said.

Other neighbors feel the same and think any complaint is unwarranted.

"I'm more upset about the people that are given a platform to complain about something that's obviously gotten a permit and is temporary," said another neighbor.

They also point out that in another neighbor's yard is a portable toilet.

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