Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Reacts to the Released Deflategate Report

Reactions have been pouring in since the NFL released its report on the so-called deflategate investigation, and now key players are chiming in.

Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski reacted to the decision in a video released by Bleacher Report.

"So you know, I was just at a charity event for the kids. There was media there. We talked about all the kids, all the fundraising for kids. It was ... For kids. Unbelievable foundation ... You know I go to leave. The media runs, storming out. All they want to know is questions about the deflategate. Well guess what? What about all the fundraising for the kids? All the kids. Everyone doing a great job. All the behind the scenes that I do ... For kids does. All that. No one ever wants to expand on that. For the kids, the charity events. No they're worried about the story for the deflategate. You know, these sure aren't deflating. These are only inflating. So get ready. I'm gonna be ready. And there's only one thing you can deflate - these ----." 

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