'Tom Brady Sux' Beer? Seriously?

An Indianapolis brewery is getting some attention for its Deflategate-related message

An Indianapolis brewery is getting some attention after imprinting a Deflategate-related message on more than 20,000 of its beer cans.

The words "Tom Brady Sux" are stamped on the bottom of cans of Sun King Brewing's Wee Mac Scottish Ale, right next to the born on date.

Zak Keefer, who covers the Indianapolis Colts for the Indianapolis Star, tweeted out a picture of one of the cans on Monday.

The brewery told the newspaper the message was a prank by someone who works on the canning line. That employee is now required to submit a list of the sayings he plans to stamp on the bottom of beer cans each week.

The Colts, of course, played a major role in the Deflategate controversy, which came about after deflated balls were used in the AFC title game between the Pats and Colts.

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