Fan Donates Brady Swag to Charity After Joke Goes Viral

Luke Barosky says he didn't mean any harm when he posted a picture on Facebook back in December, showing him with a missing tooth and a banged-up face.

"I'm pretty sure a lot of people got the fact that I was joking," said the South Boston resident. "If you clicked on the picture and zoomed in, you can see my tooth is still there."

It all began when Tom Brady posted on Facebook back in December that he was hiding three pairs of his Uggs around Boston. When Barosky saw a clue, he knew one of the pairs was at the Dorchester Heights monument in South Boston.

"I was hoping to get them," said Barosky.

But he was too late. The Uggs were gone.

"I had this stupid idea, mischievous idea," said Barosky. "I had all this old Halloween costume make up, fake blood and black out teeth, I just went to town on it ... I thought everyone knew it was a joke."

The 32-year-old posted that he was running so hard looking for the Uggs, he fell and lost a tooth.

He was stunned when his post went viral, and even more so when Brady's Facebook team responded and later sent him a signed pair.

"My plan from the get-go when he first reached out to me was, 'I'm going to donate them,'" said Barosky.

Both shoes are signed by Brady, but only one has Luke's name on it. He'll keep that one and donate the other to the All Dorchester Sports League to be auctioned off.

"If you find someone out there named Luke, a sick kid, or a veteran that wants it or needs it, I'll give it to them," he said.

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