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How Many Concussions Has Tom Brady Suffered?

The New England Patriots quarterback talked about the issue in a radio interview on Monday

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In his 16 years in the NFL, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has taken a lot of hits.

So it's natural to wonder how many - if any at all - concussions he's suffered, especially given all of the discussion in recent years about the seriousness of head injuries.

Brady was asked just that question on WEEI-FM's "Dennis and Callahan Show," on Monday morning, and had a rather odd answer.

"I'd really not like to get into that," Brady said, according to the transcript on weei.com

His cryptic non-answer came a day after the Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, the third straight game where the quarterback has taken some particularly hard hits from opposing defenses.

Brady did say during his interview with WEEI that he has some interest in seeing the film "Concussion," which deals with the league's growing head injury problem.

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