Tim Jones

Local Professor Calculates Probability of a Pats Win

When Babson College math professor Dr. Richard Cleary watches football, the Patriots fan in him sees the X’s and O’s more as calculations.

During last year’s Super Bowl game against the Falcons, late in the game when the Patriots were down 25 points, he says "the Patriots probability of winning got down to 1 percent."

This year he sees the odds of the Pats beating the Eagles as probably good.

"Historically teams favored by four win maybe 60 percent of the time," he said.

"I’d say Patriots at roughly 60 percent, 65 percent," He said after doing the math on this upcoming game. Then he paused and said, "Anywhere from 60-70 percent. I’m a statistician, it’s hard to pin me down on one number."

Because as we know with football, on any given Sunday there’s always a different probability.

"They’re favorites but they’re not a sure thing," he said. 

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