Man Confronts Roger Goodell at Maine Supermarket

Getty Images

A Maine man said what all of New England is thinking when he started chanting "Free Tom Brady" after coming across NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at a supermarket on a recent Sunday morning.

Mike Marcello, director of sales for the radio stations WBLM, WJBQ, WCYY and WHOM, went to the Hannaford in Scarborough for some green peppers and discovered that Goodell and his wife were shopping there too.

"I had two choices - continue on my way in life or go there - and I decided to go there," Marcello said in a video posted on the WHOM-FM radio website.

According to Marcello, he began to chant "Free Tom Brady."

The incident comes after the NFL's decision to suspend New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for four games in response to his alleged role in Deflategate.

Watch Marcello's explanation of the incident here:

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