Super Bowl’s Radio Row Still Talking About Deflategate

With just a little over 72 hours away from Super Bowl XLIX, the New England Patriots will play the Seattle Seahawks in Arizona, and there are many media traditions associated with the big game.

One of these traditions is Radio Row, which is populated by radio hosts from all over the world, and Boston is well represented by 93.7 WEEI and 98.5 the Sports Hub.

If you thought the talk of New England has truly turned away from deflategate, you thought wrong.

"There are five full lines and four out of the five still want to talk about the air pressure in a football," WEEI host Michael Holley said.

"Since the start of the whole inflated ball controversy, the people have wanted to be heard," 98.5 The Sports Hub host Tony Massarotti said.

The Super Bowl is just four days away, and if the sports guys had their preference, the talk would have turned to the game long ago.

"I think everybody looks at it as a pretty even game. And I can tell you this, I'm not comfortable picking a winner in this game because I think this could absolutely go either way," Massarotti said.

"I really think they'll be able to handle Marshawn Lynch and keep Russell Wilson in the pocket. I think the Patriots are going to win this game," Holley said.

No disrespect to Tony Mazz or Michael Holley intended, but Radio Row was the place for sports celebrity sightings of everyone from Papa Manning and Joe Montana with Papa John, to the former heavyweight champ to national radio icons. Don't forget these days radio has become TV, too.

What hasn't changed is the feelings about the Patriots from fans outside New England, said Steve Duemig from 620 WDAE's afternoon drive in Tampa.

"There's a lot of Boston haters down there. So you're guilty until proven innocent. But it's like, I've been the opposite, I need proof," Duemig said.

And New England fans say they need that proof, as well. 

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