Sweet Victory: Patriots-Themed Treats Made for Super Bowl

Local pastry chefs and chocolatiers are putting their special touches on New England Patriots-themed treats.

"The further they go, the happier the customers are," said John Milone, owner of Fratelli's Pastry Shop in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Customers at Fratelli's are snatching up Tom Brady sugar cookie jerseys without hesitation.

They've got a sweet tooth for a win.

"He's my favorite player," said Patriots fan Jonathan Millen. "He's going to win."

"He's the best of all time. It's the ultimate revenge to people who hate him," said Jean Curran. "He's going to win."

Businesses like Fratelli's and Phillips Candy House in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood also win by seeing a boost in sales.

"It could be as good as 30 percent more of a regular Saturday and Sunday," said Milone.

"We did see a spike, especially online," said Terri Ferolito from Phillips Candy House.

So what does it take to prepare the cookies, cakes and chocolates?

"Just squeeze until you think it looks good," said Milone when filling whoopie pies with frosting.

Fratelli's will make hundreds of dozens of whoopie pies for Super Bowl weekend.

"Mini pastries are usually our number one seller," said Milone.

It takes about 10 minutes each to make jersey, football and helmet decorated cookies.

At Phillips Candy House, it takes a full mold of chocolate, a steady shake and 10 minutes to cool to finish a two pound chocolate football.

"They pop right out of the mold," said Ferolito.

A chocolatier shakes the mold to disperse the chocolate inside as evenly as possible.

It takes up to an hour to make the NFL-sized footballs with white chocolate laces.

"Lots of people use them at the Super Bowl parties and they do tell us that they break them and everyone shares them at the end of the game," said Ferolito.

Whether it's milk, dark or white chocolate, cookies or cake, pastry chefs and chocolatiers are hard at work.

"We love it," said Milone.

"It's wonderful," said Ferolito.

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