Tom Brady Talks About How He’s Preparing for Super Bowl LIII

Tom Brady says he's still in disbelief that he's heading to his ninth Super Bowl game on Sunday

The New England Patriots are in Atlanta ahead of Super Bowl LIII and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon ahead of the highly anticipated game.

The dynamic duo took the mic from the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. They are just days away from facing the Los Angeles Rams and potentially earning yet another Super Bowl championship title.

Brady was asked how is preparing for Sunday's game.

"For me, it's about preparing mentally, physically to be the best I can be. I already watched a lot of film today and I got a lot more this afternoon. I'm going to get — Alex (Guerrero) and I — are going to get all our treatments in see if I can be really fresh and ready to go tomorrow and have a great week of practice," he said.

When asked how he felt about his ninth trip to the Super Bowl, Brady said he still couldn't believe it.

"There's no way to describe, you know, for me, what my career has been. I just feel like I've been in the moment so much and every year just trying to get a little bit better, a little bit better. And to have the opportunity to play in this game, I think I have more appreciation because the older you get, the fewer chances you're going to have," Brady said.

"The Rams are as good as any teams we've faced all year," he added. "It's goign to be a great game."

Brady also briefly touched on how fans have reacted to the close Super Bowl scores in his career.

"I don't care how it ends," he said about the big games. "As long as we have more points at the end, I'll be happy."

A short time later, Belichick addressed the media, saying "it is a great privilege to be a participant" in the game.

"Our team has earned its way here. A lot of hard work, we had our ups and downs, but ultimately we were able to earn a spot here and we're privileged to represent the AFC and this great game and certainly a great match-up against an outstanding team with the Rams," he said.

He went on to say the Rams are well-coached and well-prepared with great players. Belichick seemed confident the Patriots were just as prepared.

"We had a good week of preparation back in Foxborough. We're going to fine-tune a few things here this week and be ready to compete Sunday night against a great football team," said Belichick.

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