Young Patriots Fans React to Tom Brady’s Suspension News

Kids say the darnedest things, especially when it comes to defending their favorite athlete.

Some young football players at the Skills and Drills Camp in Eliot, Maine, had a lot to say about Tom Brady's suspension being upheld.

"I'm wearing a Tom Brady shirt," said Finn Saunders of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. "Because he is my favorite player on the Patriots."

"I know he has a four game suspension," said 10-year-old Eliot resident Sam Degrappo.

Saunders says he talked with his family about what is happening next in Brady's "Deflategate" saga.

"Now, he's going to go to court to fight," Saunders told necn.

Fighting this is exactly what one of Tom Brady's former teammates expected him to do.

"In my seven years with Tom, being the competitor that he is, he's never going down without a fight, it's just the way he operates," explained Patrick Pass, who earned three Super Bowl rings with Brady.

He says he's frustrated with the league, but doesn't think any of this will change Brady's legacy.

"He is still going to be first ballot hall of famer, he's still probably going to win two more Super Bowls before he retires," Pass said. "Like I always say, everyone hates a winner."

The kids admit they've been too busy swimming and playing this summer to read all the details of "Deflategate," but still they're convinced their favorite quarterback is innocent.

"I don't really think Tom Brady would do something like that," said Noah Daniel of Portsmouth.

But if Brady was involved in any way, these young football stars say the punishment isn't fair.

"I just think that it is stupid," said Eliot seventh grader Will Casey. "There are other people that have done worse."

The kids say even if Brady is out for four games, they're not worried about the Patriots this season. They say they have confidence in backup quarterback Jimmy Garropolo. 

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