Chris Sale

Red Sox Fans React to Chris Sale's Season-Ending Bike Injury

Starting pitcher Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox is out for the year after a bicycle accident Saturday

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Red Sox ace Chris Sale has suffered yet another injury.

The team says Sale was injured in a bicycle accident on Saturday. He had just finished throwing over at Boston College, then flew off his bike as he went down a hill on his way to grab lunch.

"Well, he is on the Red Sox, so a curse is possible," said fan Alexa Plevyak.

He underwent surgery for a broken wrist on Monday.

"If you're injured, rest a little, get better. I don't know if he should be riding, especially falling off a bike," said fan Bryce Collis.

Sale was already dealing with a broken pinky finger he sustained on a line drive last month.

He also had a rib fracture in the spring.

And he missed the entire 2020 season and part of 21 because of Tommy John surgery.

Besides the injuries this season, Sale was also caught on camera having a meltdown at Polar Park when he was pulled from a WooSox game in July.

"I was really hoping for him to come back from the pinky injury," said fan Tim Cooper. "Falling off a bike was icing on the cake."

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