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Curse of the Coin Toss: Bengals' Super Bowl Loss Extends Odd Streak

Winning the coin toss in the Super Bowl has been a bad omen in recent years

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Is winning the coin toss in the Super Bowl a bad omen?

Entering Rams-Bengals on Sunday, the last seven teams who won the Super Bowl coin toss went on to lose the NFL's big game.

And now that streak has been extended to eight.

The Rams were the visiting team for Super Bowl LVI, even though the game was played in their home stadium, meaning they got to call the coin toss. Los Angeles called heads and, after tennis legend Billie Jean King flipped the coin, it turned up tails.

It looked like the Bengals were finally going to break the curse of the coin toss, holding a 20-16 advantage over the Rams late in the fourth quarter.

But late-game heroics from Matthew Stafford and Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp helped keep the curse alive.

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