‘Wally the Green Monster' Excuses Students From School for Red Sox Home Opener

PLAY BALL: The much-anticipated favorite time of the year is finally here. It's Opening Day at Fenway Park!

The Boston Red Sox will take on the Baltimore Orioles in their home opener at 2:05 p.m. Opening Day ceremonies start at approximately 1:30 p.m.

"Wally the Green Monster," the mascot for the 8-time World Series Champions, is excusing students from school.

He sent out a tweet with a dismissal letter attached to it that reads in part: "Please excuse the absense of ________ from school on Monday, April 11th...Opening Day at Fenway is a special time that comes once a year."

So, for all those teachers out there, you know where to point the blame for students who are skipping classes.

If you're going to the game, share your photos with us via shareit@www.necn.com or by tweeting them using the hashtag #FenwayOpener.

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