WATCH: Timmy Trumpet Performs Walk-up Song for Edwin Díaz in Mets Win Over Dodgers

Timmy Trumpet finally got to perform live

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Timmy Trumpet
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He couldn’t horn in on Tuesday, but Timmy Trumpet turned up the volume on Wednesday.

During the New York Mets’ game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Timmy Trumpet finally opened up for pitcher Edwin Díaz as he took the mound:

Timmy Trumpet performed the melody to the song “Narcos” in front of the Citi Field audience, so fans got to see both a live musical performance and a baseball game in one night. 

The Australian-born musician, whose real name is Timothy Jude Smith, wanted to perform live during Tuesday’s game against the Dodgers but never got the chance as Díaz didn’t pitch. 

However, Timmy Trumpet’s fortunes were much better this time around as he got to hit the field live. The Mets were also in good fortune as they took home a 2-1 win ahead of the final game of the series on Thursday. 

Let’s see if Timmy Trumpet returns to perform again sometime this season. 

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