Boeing Jan 26

Boeing’s 777X, the World’s Largest Twin-Engine Jet, Completes Maiden Flight

Boeing’s 777X, a new generation of the wide-body aircraft, completed its maiden flight on Saturday — marking a milestone for the company struggling through the increasing fallout from two fatal crashe...

  • CES 2020 Jan 7

    Flying Taxis, Toilet Paper Robots and More at CES 2020

    Flying taxis and a robot that can fetch toilet paper when you’re stranded on the loo were among the technologies showcased this week at the annual CES gadget show in Las Vegas.

  • CES 2020 Jan 10

    CES Gadget Show: Surveillance Is in – and in a Big Way

    From the face scanner that will check in some attendees to the cameras-everywhere array of digital products, the CES gadget show is all-in on surveillance technology — whether it calls it that or not. Nestled in the “smart home” and “smart city” showrooms at the sprawling Las Vegas consumer tech conference are devices that see, hear and track the p...
  • Jan 6

    CES 2020 in Pictures

    From the weird to the innovative, see some of the futuristic tech on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • TV Jan 5

    How Watching TV Will Change in the 2020s

    What will watching TV be like in the 2020s? Amid new gadgets and glitz, the CES tech show in Las Vegas aims to offer some answers, many of which boil down to more streaming and more efforts to glue you to your phone. The show’s keynote addresses, once dominated by computer and chip makers, will this year feature executives...

  • Iran Jan 5

    Apparent Pro-Iran Hackers Deface Federal Library Program Site

    The website for a federal library program was hacked by an apparent pro-Iranian group late Saturday night, officials said. A spokesperson for the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) said an intrusion was detected on the website for the Federal Depository Library Program and that the site was later taken down. There is no confirmation yet that I...
  • Iran Jan 4

    Iranian Cyberattacks Feared After Killing of Top General

    One of the biggest threats to the United States after the targeted killing of Iran’s top general is likely to be cyberattacks. The U.S. power grid is supposed to be quite resilient, but Iranian state-backed hackers could inject malware that triggers major disruptions to the U.S. public and private sector.

  • Tesla Jan 3

    3 Crashes, 3 Deaths Raise Questions About Tesla’s Autopilot

    Three crashes involving Teslas that killed three people have increased scrutiny of the company’s Autopilot driving system just months before CEO Elon Musk has planned to put fully self-driving cars on the streets.

  • AirPods Jan 3

    Boy Swallows AirPod Wireless Earbud, Ends Up in Hospital

    An Atlanta mother is sharing a cautionary tale about AirPods, the wireless earbuds that became hugely popular Christmas presents this year.

    Kiara Stroud’s 7-year-old son had an AirPod in his mouth, choked on it and ended up accidentally swallowing it, she posted on Facebook on Saturday.

  • Amazon Jan 2

    Amazon Threatens to Fire Employees Who Speak Out on Climate Change

    A group of Amazon employees say the company has threatened to fire them for speaking out against the company’s environmental policies. In a statement posted to Twitter on Thursday, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice said that several employees were contacted by legal and HR representatives, who said they were in violation of the company’s externa...
  • Tech News Jan 1

    TikTok Releases ‘Transparency Report’ Amid Scrutiny Over Chinese Ownership

    The short video app TikTok this week released its first “transparency report,” which included the number of requests for user information it received from governments during the first half of 2019, NBC News reported. India led in the number of those requests from Jan. 1 to June 30, with 107 — which specified a total of 143 accounts. The...
  • computer security Dec 30, 2019

    Here Are the Worst Passwords of 2019

    We worry about criminals breaking into our digital accounts, and yet we make it easy for them to do it by using appallingly poor passwords, NBC News reports. SplashData, a company that sells secure password managers, has released its list of the worst passwords for 2019 based on an analysis of more than 5 million leaked passwords. No. 1 on......
  • broadband access Dec 29, 2019

    $10M Grant to Bring Broadband Internet Access to Rural Towns

    A Massachusetts utility has received more than $10 million in federal funding to expand fiber-optic broadband internet access to thousands of households in rural western parts of the state. Westfield Gas & Electric will receive the funding over the next decade and distribute it to participating towns. The goal is to provide speeds of 1 gigabit ...
  • YouTube Dec 29, 2019

    YouTube Actually Steers People Away From Radical Videos, Researchers Say

    Examining millions of YouTube recommendations over the course of a year, two researchers have determined that the platform in fact combats political radicalization. The researchers said that, as of late 2019, YouTube’s recommendation algorithm appears to be designed to benefit mainstream media and cable news content over independent YouTube creator...
  • drones Dec 27, 2019

    FAA Proposes Drone-Tracking Regulations

    The FAA has put out the most comprehensive proposal yet that would regulate drones, both commercial and consumer.

  • iPhone Dec 25, 2019

    Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your New iPhone

    If you got a new iPhone for the holidays, you’ve probably already gone through some of the initial setup and configured things like Face ID. But, there’s a whole lot more you can do with your new iPhone, thanks to the latest iOS 13 update that rolled out in September. You can do a lot more than just install...

  • Amazon Dec 25, 2019

    Here Are a Bunch of Fun Tips and Tricks to Help You Get the Most Out of Your New Amazon Echo

    You may have just received a new Amazon Echo for the holidays. Maybe it’s your first one, or maybe it’s the second or third you’ve ever owned. Echos range in price from around $25 (when the Echo Dot is on sale) up to $199.99.The speaker gets better as you go up in price, but the stuff Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can...

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