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"Google Feud" Game Plays on Autocomplete Results



    "Google Feud" Game Plays on Autocomplete Results
    Have you played "Google Feud?"

    The Google search bar is well known for displaying autocomplete results you might not have considered. Now, those results have become fodder for an online game called "Google Feud."

    "Google Feud" is similar to the popular TV show "Family Feud." The game asks players to complete a number of queries based on what users search for.

    How does it work? The game has four categories: culture, people, names and questions.

    If you choose people, and the game asks you to complete the phrase 'My best friend is a ...' you might guess "girl, singer, or doctor." If your responses line up with the top 10 popular queries searched by Google visitors, then you earn a point. If not you get a strike. The round is over when you hit three strikes.

    Google Feud is not the first online game based on Google autocomplete results. Last year, a board game called Query was launched, Mashable noted

    The game's developer has not yet responded to a request for comment. 

    Play Google Feud here.