lobster Feb 19

Claws of Health? Lobster Blood Could Play Role in New Drugs

Maine lobsters have long delighted tourists as the state’s most beloved seafood. But one company thinks the crustaceans can save human lives by providing their blood for use in new drugs....

  • China May 11, 2016

    Beware Everest Graffiti Artists, China Is Watching You

    Next time you leave silly messages on the world’s highest mountain, beware: China is watching you. Mountaineering officials have scrubbed graffiti from two granite tablets on the Chinese side of Mount Everest’s northern base camp and plan to name and shame future defilers. State-run mobile news site The Paper reported Wednesday that wor...
  • May 4, 2016

    Lost Alligator Tries to Ring Doorbell at SC Home

    A large alligator crawled to the front door of a home in South Carolina and appeared to ring the doorbell on May 2. “I was out walking the dog and we kind of went around the corner from my daughter’s house [when we saw the alligator],” said Gary Rogers, who began to record video of the startling scene.

  • Captain May 1, 2016

    Black Cat Crosses San Jose Sharks’ Rink, Brings Team Good Luck

    The San Jose Sharks got an unexpected visit Friday. Before the NHL ice hockey team beat the Nashville Predators 5-2 at the SAP Center, a black cat crept out of the player bench area and scurried onto the ice.

  • Apr 29, 2016

    Woman Lured by Singles Ad Held Captive, Dies from ‘Blunt Trauma’

    A 41-year-old woman who responded to a singles ad was held captive for several weeks by a man and his ex-wife — and later died at a hospital of injuries sustained while in captivity, NBC News reported. The woman, from Lower Saxony, Germany, contacted a man “who was looking for a steady parternship” and later moved in to her assailant&#8...
  • Adolf Hitler Apr 14, 2016

    British Court Rules Woman Can’t Name Her Daughter Cyanide

    A woman from Wales cannot name her baby daughter Cyanide, a British court ruled Thursday. The woman, whose name cannot be published for legal reasons, has infant twins and wants to name her son Preacher and her daughter Cyanide, saying the poison is a “lovely, pretty name” with positive associations because it helped kill Nazi leader Ad...
  • Apr 14, 2016

    Firefighters Rescue Great Dane Stuck in Tree

    Kora, a 120-pound Great Dane who was stuck 20 feet up a tree in Louisville, Nebraska, was rescued Saturday night by the local fire department.

  • Japan Apr 14, 2016

    Chimp Leads Police on Chase Through Japanese Town

    A chimpanzee fled from a zoo in northern Japan and tried desperately to avoid being captured by climbing an electric pole. Not for long.

  • manager Apr 14, 2016

    ‘Inky’ the Octopus Escapes New Zealand Aquarium

    Inky the octopus waited until it was dark and the staff had gone home from the National Aquarium of New Zealand before making his move.

  • Seattle Apr 13, 2016

    Food Truck Trend Moves Beyond Humans, Caters to Canines in Seattle

    Stand on any block around lunchtime near’s downtown Seattle headquarters and there are two common sights: people walking their dogs and people buying lunch at food trucks. The scene offers a window into Seattle’s infatuations with dogs (and cats), which outnumber children here, and the maturing roaming food truck market. Now,...
  • Facebook Apr 1, 2016

    Wild: Alaska City Temporarily Renamed for Card Game UNO

    On April Fool’s Day, the capital of Alaska was going by the name of card game UNO, not Juneau. No joke. It was a play on words and part of a promotion with game and toy maker Mattel Inc., which is drawing attention to new wild cards in its UNO game by partnering with the mountainous city. Juneau’s website on...

  • United Kingdom Mar 29, 2016

    Cat Sent by Mail Survives 8 Days in Box

    A tough Siamese cat named Cupcake has survived eight days cooped up in a box after accidentally being sent through the mail by her British owners. Cupcake was in a box with an order of DVDs that was sent from Cornwall in southwestern England to West Sussex in south-central England. The recipient found a badly dehydrated Cupcake in the box...
  • NBC Mar 22, 2016

    ‘Boaty McBoatface’ Floats to Top of UK Polar Research Ship-Naming Poll

    When scientists in the U.K. asked the public to name their new $290 million polar research ship, they expected the name of an explorer or a naturalist. Apparently, they didn’t factor in the Brits’ oddball sense of humor. By 9 a.m. Monday, more than 27,000 people had voted to name the ship “RRS Boaty McBoatface,” almost 10 ti...
  • DRIVER Mar 5, 2016

    Dog Pops Up in Driver’s Seat When Semi Crashes in Minnesota

    One dog apparently has learned a new trick: how to drive a semi-truck. Customers at a Minnesota gas station saw a golden Labrador retriever appear to drive the semi across a road Friday. Mankato police say the idling truck apparently was put into gear, then went through a parking lot, across the street and over a curb. The Free Press...

  • Mar 3, 2016

    Man Breaks Into New Mexico Store & Pays for Cigarettes

    Police in New Mexico say a man broke into a convenience store to buy cigarettes, NBC News reported. The man, identified as Ellis C. Battista, 24, pounded on the door of a Bradley, New Mexico, convenience store. He kicked the door’s lower panel, picked a pack of Camels and left $6 on the counter. He also made sure security camera......
  • House Feb 29, 2016

    Architects Build Upside-Down House in Taiwan

    Building and designing a new house of your own may seem like a topsy-turvy experience. For a group of architects in Taiwan, it certainly was. On commission from Taiwan’s Culture Department, they designed and built an ordinary American family house. The colorful home has three floors, a master bedroom and bath, and a garage. And the house and ...
  • Captain Feb 26, 2016

    Chinese Airliner Forced to Land After Rat Found on Board

    A rat found scuttling around the cabin forced a Chinese airliner to return to an airport shortly after takeoff on Friday morning. The rodent was found shortly after the Loong Air flight left the eastern city of Hangzhou for the southwestern resort city of Xishuangbanna, the airline said on its official microblog. It wasn’t clear how the rat g...
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