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America's First Cat Cafe Opens in Oakland



    America's First Cat Cafe Opens in Oakland
    Cat Town Cafe & Adoption Center
    America's first cat cafe has opened in Oakland, California.

    America’s first cat café opened its doors Saturday in Oakland.

    At the Cat Town Café, people can buy a latte and an hour of playtime with adoptable felines.

    The owners hope this new business will help find homes for East Bay cats.

    Internationally, cat cafés are popular in urban areas. This new venture in Oakland was the first to master the logistics and health code approvals in the U.S.

    A similar idea is in the works in San Francisco.

    The Cat Town Café features an area called the Cat Zone — where cats will roam freely and are available for adoption.

    Walk-ins are welcome if space permits, but for a $10 donation, you can make a Cat Zone reservation ahead of time.


    Cat Town and OAS volunteer Katie K. plays with Glynda, the first @cattowncafe cat!

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