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Deer Crashes Through Front Doors, Wrecks Home



    Deer Crashes Through Front Doors, Wrecks Home
    Galloway Township Police

    A Galloway Township, New Jersey, woman received an unexpected visitor Saturday afternoon while she was in the middle of cooking.

    The woman told police she was inside her home on Northampton Road and placing sweet potatoes in the oven when a deer suddenly burst through her front door and ran into her house.

    The woman said she managed to follow the deer into the back of her home and lock the animal inside her master bathroom. She then contacted police.

    When police arrived they found shattered glass on the front storm door and a damaged frame on the main door indicating the deer was strong enough to run through the doors and enter the home. After a brief standoff, the officers managed to safely escort the deer out of the home and release it back into the wild.

    Juan Guerrero, Brooke Hogan

    Police said the deer caused significant damage to the bathroom while it was locked inside.

    The homeowner was not injured during the incident.