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"Teletubby" Breaks Into Home, Steals Leftover Chinese Food: Police



    "Teletubby" Breaks Into Home, Steals Leftover Chinese Food: Police

    And you thought they only ate Tubby Custard.

    Terez Owens, a Lehigh University student, has been accused of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct for allegedly causing damage to a friend's Pennsylvania home while wearing a yellow Teletubby costume and stealing leftover Chinese food.

    Owens was allegedly dressed as the Laa-Laa character from the BBC children's series when he damaged a door early Sunday of of 202 E. 4th St. in Bethlehem. According to police chief Mark DiLuzio, he entered the friend's refrigerator and spilled sweet and sour chicken and sesame chicken onto the floor and into a purse he had with him.

    The "Teletubby" had also cut himself and left blood everywhere before leaving. Owens was found a short distance away with the Chinese food in his purse.

    The residence, a rental unit, endured $495 worth of damage, police say. While no charges were filed initially, DiLuzio says the home's occupants apparently changed their minds after the landlord became involved.

    The 20-year-old suspect will receive a summons from the office of Judge Nancy Matos.

    Oddly enough, this isn't the first bizarre case that the Chief of Police has seen. "I have seen Rudolph the Reindeer get arrested, Santa get arrested, and now a Teletubby. You can’t make this stuff up," he said.