Coastal Flooding & Record Warmth In New England

Parts of the area saw minor coastal flooding today. There was no storm, or even a strong onshore flow. We experienced another astronomically high tide. Because of rising sea levels, these astronomically high tides (which haves ALWAYS happened a couple of times per year) are now causing minor coastal flooding.

They’ve been called King Tides, Sunny Day Flooding, etc. Sunday afternoon the tidal gauge measured a height of 11.22 feet. Minor flooding begins at 11 feet.

In Hull, the police department tweeted out:

*ROAD CLOSURE* Due to astronomical high tide Main Street will be closed from Town Way to Arthur St. A storm drain outflow pipe has been compromised and flooding is present. The Department of Public Works is aware and will be working on the issue.

Traffic is being diverted via Channel Street.

Flooding will be a concern at times of high tide through the day on Tuesday. Thankfully we are expecting an major storms or strong onshore flow that would exacerbate the flooding.

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