Roast Beef Picnic Loaf With Fig and Roquefort

Original Recipe by Anna Rossi @annarossiofficial 


1x 8-10” Boule, (or any great looking & smelling artisanal loaf of bread - round preferred)

½ cup Roquefort Blue Cheese Spread *

3 cups fresh arugula

1 ½ lbs roast beef, medium/ medium rare & thinly slice ⅛” thin

½ cup fig jam, Dalmatia Fig Paste is delicious

36”  Baker’s twine


  1. Begin by slicing the boule across the equator.  Using your fingers, carefully peel away the bread on the interior of the top half of the loaf, leaving about a 1” border of bread before you reach the crust. This will create space for the abundance of fixin’s.
  2. Begin building the sandwich by smothering the base of the loaf with the Roquefort Blue Cheese spread.  Next, add ½ of the arugula followed by the roast beef. Continue with the remaining arugula.  Smother the top half of the loaf with fig jam and place on top of the stacked base.
  3. Wrap the sandwich like a package and place between two heavy cast iron skillets in the refrigerator to press until ready to serve (1-24 hours).
  4. Slice into pie shaped wedges, serve and enjoy.



4 oz good blue cheese, room temperature

4 oz cream cheese, room temperature

½ tsp Worcestershire Sauce

1 TBS chive, minced

2 TBS walnuts, toasted & minced

Zest from one lemon


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Refrigerate until ready to use in an airtight container. This is also delicious on a cheese board!
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