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Matt Noyes

Matt Noyes

  • forecast Jan 17

    Weekend Snowstorm Set to Blast New England

    A shot of winter air is not only cold but dry – meaning this Canadian air will make for plenty of Friday sunshine that will be rather ineffective since temperatures will not exceed the 20s and wind chill values will be stuck around or under 10 degrees for most of us.  Of course, wind chill is driven not just by…

  • Weekend Snowstorm Jan 16

    Weekend Storm Could Bring Half a Foot of Snow to Parts of New England

    New England stands on the precipice of a new, colder weather pattern, set to prevail throughout nearly all of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.  As we await the change of air, a storm system zipping by and delivering up to half a foot of snow to northern New England with only a coating or mix of rain and...

  • Weather Jan 10

    Wild New England Weather: 60s for Some, Ice Storm for Others

    New England is in the throws of a hairpin turn of weather – from cold to warm – as we sit on the cusp of unseasonably mild air that will stick around all weekend long.  After a chilly Friday morning, a strengthening southwest wind will, by afternoon, gust to 40 mph and will be busy transporting mild air into southern…

  • forecast Jan 9

    Unusual Spring-Like Temps Expected This Weekend

    Cold, Canadian air was heralded by scattered snow showers but now is defined by a dryness that is allowing for ample sunshine, but also encouraging chapped lips, dry skin and static electric shocks!  Of course, the most obvious characteristic of our new air is the cold nature of it and when coupled with a busy northwest breeze gusting to 35…

  • forecast Jan 7

    Wednesday Morning Commute to Be Slick Due to Overnight Snow

    Tuesday morning sunshine yields to advancing and increasing clouds in the New England sky ahead of an energetic disturbance that is moving northeast out of the Appalachian Mountains. It’s set to pass just south of the region overnight Tuesday night.  Although the disturbance is intense, it’s very small and focused, and lacking the moisture to become a bigger storm...

  • forecast Jan 3

    Snow Possible This Weekend, Inclement Weather Coming Up

    Our Friday forecast transitions New England from rain showers to accumulating snow between now and Sunday morning, with the transitions happening at different times depending on northward extending.  On Friday, we’re seeing the steadiest and heaviest rain south of New England, across the Mid-Atlantic, as moisture plumes out of the Gulf of Mexico and has trouble overcoming our dry...

  • forecast Jan 2

    Clear Thursday, Snow Possible This Weekend

    The return to work, school and the regular routine in the New Year across New England has been heralded by quiet weather making both commutes easy.  Pleasant air with high temperatures in the 40s regionwide is also making re-entry easier, though a brisk breeze – not exceptionally strong – is sufficient to make for a wind chill value around 40°…

  • Weather forecast Dec 31, 2019

    Drier Air, Breaks of Sun Move in for First Night

    Slowly but surely, drier air is taking over from south to north, drawing rain to drizzle, then drizzle to clouds and, eventually, clouds to a few breaks of sun, particularly for areas farthest south. Snow continues to fly in Maine, changing to rain gradually along the coastline up to the Maine Turnpike as the warmth that started the day on…

  • Weather forecast Dec 31, 2019

    Messy Storm Moves Out Just in Time for First Night

    Our messy storm is shipping out just in time for New Year’s Eve, with Tuesday morning light rain and deep inland mix easing for drier conditions from mid-morning onward. Some breaks of sun are possible during the day, particularly during the afternoon, though won’t be the focal point of the day. Remarkably mild air began the day for places like...

  • forecast Dec 30, 2019

    Wintry Mix to Continue; Significant Snow Up North

    To say the weather will remain status quo for nearly 24 hours has the potential to sound boring, but this time around, it will be quite eventful for some Monday into Tuesday.  A shallow layer of cold air continues to hold on near and outside of Interstate 495 in eastern Massachusetts, keeping temperatures cold enough for occasional icing near the…

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