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Matt Noyes

Matt Noyes

  • Weather Feb 21

    Tracking a Storm Next Week That Could Bring Snow to New England

    Not only was the air Friday morning cold enough for ocean-effect and ocean-enhanced snow showers – clouds and snow showers that develop when the wind blows cold air across relatively warm ocean waters and those snow showers follow the wind flow – but New England Friday morning took the title as coldest location in the nation.  With a morning low…

  • Weather Feb 20

    Mostly Clear Weekend, Storm System Arrives in New England Early Next Week

    New England has entered a stretch of quiet and dry weather for several days, though the temperature will feature a pretty big swing from week’s end to weekend.  All of the weather New England – and the entire northern tier of the United States – will see in the coming days comes as a product of a huge area of…

  • Weather Feb 19

    Windy Wednesday Could Mean Power Outages for Some

    Some residents in Maine are digging out from the heaviest single snowstorm of the season after over half a foot of snow fell in the suburbs north of Portland to Lewiston Tuesday – not an exceptional snowstorm by New England standards, but this winter, it ranks among the top.  The White Mountains of New Hampshire picked up as much as…

  • weather New England Feb 18

    Rain to the South, Snow Up North This Afternoon

    For many New Englanders, this is exactly the type of winter storm you ask our First Alert Weather Team for: snow north and rain south – not to mention, a dry morning commute, to boot.

  • Weather Feb 14

    Valentine’s Day Gets Colder, Boston Could See Coldest Temperature This Winter

    Sunshine has been a commodity in our New England weather, but we’ll start to make up for that this Presidents Day weekend. The trade-off is cold air.  Of course, it’s not like those who dislike cold can complain much – in this mild winter, a forecast low temperature of nine degrees in Boston on Friday night would be the...

  • Weather forecast Feb 13

    Wintry Mix Gives Way to Bitter Cold

    Another messy morning Thursday came courtesy of yet another weak storm center passing south of New England with only marginally cold enough air for snow in the six-state region. The result: disorganized pockets of snow in northern New England, a shield of heartier snow in central New England and snow that changed to rain in southern New England. Expect rain...

  • Weather forecast Feb 12

    Overnight Storm to Deliver Wintry Mess to New England

    A much-needed breather in the weather has arrived for our midweek in New England, with enough dry air to push out most of the clouds Wednesday morning with sunshine coupling with a wind that shifts to blow from the southwest by afternoon to push temperatures over 40 degrees for most of central and southern New England. Sunshine will fade during…

  • Northern Lights Feb 11

    New Englanders Could Get Rare Glimpse at Northern Lights Tonight

    Changes in the upper atmosphere Tuesday could give New Englanders a rare glimpse at the Northern Lights. A burst of energy from the sun should reach earth tonight, exciting the upper atmosphere and resulting in a display of the Aurora Borealis for Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Central to Northern Maine.  The biggest issue is weather: clouds have filled...

  • Weather Feb 10

    Unsettled Week of Weather Brings Multiple Chances for Snow and Rain

    An unsettled week of weather has begun with a weak storm center delivering an extended plume of moisture to New England, fed by a connection to Pacific moisture.  Colliding with what little cold air is left in New England, the incoming moisture produced a fresh two to four inches of snow in northern New England Sunday night into Monday...

  • Weather Feb 7

    Damaging Wind Gusts, Other Intense Weather Across New England

    The intense upper level atmospheric energy that’s been driving our stormy weather of the last couple of days is poised to move over New England Friday afternoon. The passage of our storm center – an intense one with a plummeting barometer, indicating a well-developed storm structure – will mean intense weather across New England Friday afternoon, but the type of…

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