• panhandling Nov 2, 2020

    Mass. SJC to Hear Arguments on Panhandling Ban

    The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court was scheduled to hear arguments Monday on a case out of Fall River that challenges a law that makes it illegal for people to ask for money on public roads.

  • privacy concerns Apr 20, 2020

    Privacy Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The new techniques and technology that have been emerging amid the COVID-19 pandemic have some people raising privacy concerns. Sue O’Connell spoke with the executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts about things such as drones that are making sure people are social distancing and apps that are keeping track of people near you who have tested positive for...

  • ACLU Massachusetts Mar 24, 2020

    ACLU Files Emergency Petition to Protect Incarcerated People from Coronavirus

    The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts filed an emergency petition Tuesday asking the Supreme Judicial Court to take action in preventing the spread of coronavirus among people who are incarcerated in the state’s jails, prisons and houses of correction. The petition, filed with the Committee for Public Counsel Services and the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, asks the court to...

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