• Brexit Feb 14

    With Britain Out, the Unwieldy EU Faces Major Budget Battle

    The European Union is looking at major changes in the way it operates

  • Brexit Feb 4

    UK and EU Clash Over Trade With 11 Months to Make a Deal

    Britain and the European Union have set out tough opening gambits in negotiating a post-Brexit trade deal

  • Brexit Feb 1

    After Messy Separation, UK Faces Tough EU Trade Talks

    Britain has left the European Union after 47 years of membership, taking a leap into the unknown in a historic blow to the bloc

  • Brexit Jan 31

    Brexit: UK Makes Historic Exit From EU Official

    Britain officially dropped out of the European Union Friday as Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the so-called Brexit deal.

  • Brexit Jan 30

    Brexit Finally Arrives Friday: a Momentous Yet Quiet Moment

    Brexit happens on Friday night without a huge fanfare

  • Brexit Jan 29

    Brexit Deal Cleared by EU Parliament; UK Set to Leave Friday

    The European Union grudgingly let go of the United Kingdom with a final vote Wednesday at the EU’s parliament that ended the Brexit divorce battle and set the scene for tough trade negotiations in the year ahead....


    In an emotion-charged session at the session in Brussels, lawmakers from all 28 EU countries expressed their love and sadness, while some, notably from...

  • Brexit Jan 23

    Next Stop, Brexit: Britain’s EU Divorce Bill Becomes Law

    Britain’s delayed and disputed Brexit bill became law on Thursday, removing the last U.K. obstacle to the country leaving the European Union in just over a week.

    The U.K. is finally leaving the 28-nation bloc more than 3 1/2 years after voters narrowly opted to do so in a June 2016 referendum — and after interminable rounds of political wrangling.

  • Brexit Dec 20, 2019

    UK Lawmakers OK Johnson’s Brexit Bill, Pave Way to Leave EU

    British lawmakers have given preliminary approval to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill, clearing the way for the U.K. to leave the European Union next month. The House of Commons voted 358-234 on Friday for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, legislation that will turn Brexit into reality.

  • Brexit Dec 16, 2019

    UK’s Boris Johnson Talks With Trump, Welcomes New Lawmakers

    Britain’s new political landscape began to take shape Monday as triumphant Prime Minister Boris Johnson talked trade with President Donald Trump and gave a pep talk to his new Conservative Party lawmakers. The incoming class of new Conservative legislators was so big — 109 lawmakers — that organizers had to procure an extra 50 bottles of wine for the evening...

  • Brexit Dec 15, 2019

    No Letup for UK Lawmakers: Johnson Presses Ahead With Brexit

    There will be no letup for U.K. lawmakers worn out after Britain’s bruising election campaign. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to begin “before Christmas” the push to secure Parliamentary approval for his Brexit deal. Buoyed by its landslide victory in Thursday’s election, Johnson’s Conservative government plans to move fast to make good on his campaign mantra to “get Brexit done.”...

  • Brexit Dec 14, 2019

    Johnson’s Win May Deliver Brexit But Could Risk UK’s Breakup

    Leaving the European Union is not the only split British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to worry about. Johnson’s commanding election victory this week may let him fulfil his campaign promise to “get Brexit done,” but it could also imperil the future of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland and Northern Ireland didn’t vote...

  • British Elections Dec 13, 2019

    UK’s Johnson Claims Brexit Mandate With New Conservative Majority

    Britain’s Conservative Party has secured a majority by winning 326 seats out of 650 in the House of Commons. While results are still coming in, the decisive outcome to a Brexit-dominated election means Prime Minister Boris Johnson should be able to fulfill his plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union next month. The victory makes Johnson the...

  • British Elections Dec 13, 2019

    Likely Johnson Win Means Brexit Is Coming, Tough Talks Loom

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaigned on one theme alone — “Get Brexit done” — and if the results of an exit poll projection are correct, that just may happen....


    The U.K. exit poll predicts that Johnson’s Conservatives won a substantial victory Thursday night in the country’s general election....


    But even if Johnson pulls Britain out of the European Union by the...

  • United Kingdom Dec 11, 2019

    Leaders Scramble for Final Votes as UK’s Ugly Election Ends

    Britain’s election has been like the country’s late-autumn weather: chilly and dull, with blustery outbursts. On the last day of the campaign, political leaders dashed around the U.K. on Wednesday trying to win over millions of undecided voters who will likely determine the outcome. Opinion polls suggest Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have a lead over the main opposition Labour Party...

  • Brexit Oct 31, 2019

    Final ‘Or-derrrs’: UK Commons Speaker John Bercow Bows Out

    The speaker of Britain’s House of Commons, who has become a global celebrity and online meme-magnet for his loud ties, even louder voice and star turn at the center of Britain’s Brexit drama, stepped down on Thursday after 10 years in the job. Bercow closed business on his final day in the post with words that have become synonymous with...

  • Brexit Oct 31, 2019

    Final ‘Or-derrrs’: UK Commons Speaker John Bercow Bows Out

    The speaker of Britain’s House of Commons, who has become a global celebrity and online meme-magnet for his loud ties, even louder voice and star turn at the center of Britain’s Brexit drama, is stepping down on Thursday after 10 years in the job. Some lawmakers are sad to see John Bercow go, but others are delighted. With his innovative...

  • European Union Sep 30, 2019

    British Opposition Parties Unite To Stop No-Deal Brexit

    Britain’s opposition parties have met to plan how to block a “no-deal” Brexit from taking place against Parliament’s will. Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said Monday that the opposition is “completely united about stopping no-deal.” The parties, including the Labour Party and the Scottish National Party, are concerned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party may not adhere...

  • Associated Press Sep 10, 2019

    Britain Suspends Parliament Amid Brexit Chaos and Crisis

    The British government has formally suspended parliament, sending lawmakers home for five weeks amid a Brexit crisis early Tuesday, but only after House of Commons Speaker John Bercow voiced his dismay, calling it “an act of executive fiat.” Opposition lawmakers chanted “shame on you,” as Bercow and conservative leaders left the room.

  • Donald Trump Jul 14, 2019

    Leaked UK Memo Says Trump Axed Iran Deal to Spite Obama

    A U.K. newspaper has published more leaked memos revealing a British ambassador’s blunt assessments of the Trump administration, including one in which the envoy to Washington claimed President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal to spite predecessor Barack Obama. In the May 2018 cable published by the Mail on Sunday, U.K. Ambassador Kim Darroch called Trump’s decision...

  • Europe Jan 30, 2019

    EU Won’t Budge on Brexit Deal as May Seeks Cross-Party Unity

    European Union leaders offered a united chorus of “No” on Wednesday to Britain’s belated bid to negotiate changes to the Brexit divorce deal, with one official calling on British lawmakers to stop bickering and work out a cross-party approach. In London, Prime Minister Theresa May acknowledged that her government hasn’t decided exactly how it will try to change the deal...

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