• indian lake Sep 12

    Massachusetts Lake Closed Due to High Levels of Bacteria

    A lake in central Massachusetts was closed to the public Sunday due to high bacterial counts. Worcester officials said persons and pets will be prohibited from swimming, boating and fishing in Indian Lake, including Shore Park Beach, effective immediately. The city’s Department of Inspectional Services said testing results from Saturday showed levels of cyanobacteria that were above recreational thresholds....

  • Science Aug 2

    New Theory: Earth's Longer Days Kick-Started Oxygen Growth

    A study published Monday proposes and puts to the test the theory that longer, continuous daylight kick-started weird bacteria into producing lots of oxygen, making most of life as we know it possible.

  • Boston Jul 31

    Jamaica Pond Closed Due to Cyanobacteria

    A popular pond in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood is closed to water activities due to the suspected presence of cyanobacteria. The Boston Public Health Commission announced Friday evening that Jamaica Pond appeared to be experiencing a harmful algae bloom. “These blooms may produce toxins that can make people and pets sick,” the commission said in a statement. “Park visitors...

  • Vermont Jul 22

    Following Beach Closures, Vt. Health Officials Urge Awareness of Cyanobacteria

    Swimmers in Vermont’s largest city were crestfallen Thursday after a natural, but possibly dangerous, substance was spotted near the shore of Lake Champlain — closing a busy beach for the day. Health and environmental experts are now urging people in Burlington and beyond to read up on cyanobacteria. “We’re definitely disappointed,” said Tessa Santarpia of Buffalo, New York, who...

  • Vermont Jul 22

    Vermont Health Officials Urge Awareness of Cyanobacteria

    A potentially harmful bacteria closed Burlington’s busiest beach to swimmers Thursday.

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