• army Nov 2, 2019

    Malian Government Says 54 Dead in Jihadist Attack on Army

    Jihadists attacked the Malian military near the border with Niger, leaving at least 53 soldiers and one civilian dead, in the second major assault against the country’s armed forces in a month, the government said Saturday. The latest violence to target Mali’s armed forces took place Friday in Indelimane, located in Mali’s volatile Menaka region. “Reinforcements have been sent to...

  • Daniel Macht Jul 19, 2019

    Strong Quake Hits Near Greek Capital of Athens, No Injuries

    A strong earthquake centered northwest of Athens shook Greece on Friday, causing frightened residents to run into the capital’s streets and damaging several buildings. Authorities said no serious injuries were reported. The Athens Institute of Geodynamics gave the earthquake that struck at 2:13 p.m. local time (1113 GMT) a preliminary magnitude of 5.1. The U.S. Geological Survey reported a magnitude...

  • Catholic Church May 12, 2019

    Gunmen Attack Catholic Church in Burkina Faso; 6 Killed

    Authorities say gunmen have attacked a Catholic church in Burkina Faso, killing a priest and five worshippers. The attack on Sunday took place in Dablo, about 124 miles from the capital, Ouagadougou. Urbain Kabore, a government spokesman for the West African country’s Sahel region, said the gunmen also set fire to a health center and destroyed all places serving alcohol.

  • Facebook Apr 8, 2019

    Family of US Tourist Kidnapped in Uganda Calls for Her Rescue

    A relative of a California woman kidnapped while on a safari in Uganda said Friday he wants to see the U.S. send in Navy SEALS to locate and rescue her if that’s what it takes.

  • United States Apr 5, 2019

    Tourist From Orange County, Driver Kidnapped in Uganda Safari Park

    Ugandan security forces are searching for a U.S. citizen from Orange County and a local driver who were abducted in a wildlife park and their kidnappers demanded a ransom, authorities said Wednesday.

  • JUDGE Dec 26, 2018

    ACLU Sues Government to Learn About NSA Call Records Program

    A civil rights group has sued the U.S. government, saying it needs more information about surveillance of Americans’ phone and financial records to guide the public debate over what will happen when the law that regulates the scrutiny expires next year. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the National Security Agency, the director of national intelligence, the CIA and the...

  • Christmas Dec 13, 2018

    France's Macron Caught Between Protests, Strasbourg Attack

    French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to take back control of his nation after a month of protests that caused mayhem across the country — and now a new extremist attack that’s putting France on renewed terror alert. Striving to show he’s responding to “yellow vest” protesters’ demands for tax relief, the French leader maintained his planned agenda Wednesday: He...

  • director Oct 21, 2018

    18 Dead, Over 170 Injured in Taiwan Train Derailment

    One of Taiwan’s fastest passenger trains derailed Sunday on a curve along a popular weekend route, killing at least 18 people and injuring more than 170 others, authorities said. The Puyuma express was carrying more than 360 passengers from a suburb of Taipei in the north to Taitung, a city on Taiwan’s southeast coast, when it went off the tracks...

  • President Oct 15, 2018

    Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West Visit Uganda, Give Gift of Yeezys

    Ugandan officials say Kanye West and his wife, the reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, have arrived in Uganda on a private visit.

  • Coach Jul 19, 2018

    Soccer Team Describes Thai Cave Ordeal, Rescue After Leaving Hospital

    Trapped in the recesses of a flooded cave, the 12 boys and their soccer coach were trying to dig their way out when they heard voices in the darkness. Their coach quickly told everyone to be quiet. “We weren’t sure if it was for real,” 14-year-old Adul Samon said. “So we stopped and listened. And it turned out to be...

  • JUDGE Jan 25, 2017

    Madonna Denying Report She's Applied to Adopt 2 More Children From Malawi

    Pop star Madonna is slamming an earlier report that she has filed for the adoption of two more children from Malawi.

  • New York Jan 15, 2016

    Mos Def Arrested for False Passport in South Africa

    A government spokesman says the American entertainer commonly known as Mos Def was arrested in South Africa for travelling with a fraudulent passport....
    Department of Home Affairs spokesman Mayihlome Tshwete told The Associated Press the rapper and actor, who now goes by the name Yasiin Bey, appeared in court on Friday. The 42-year-old entertainer was arrested at Cape Town International airport...

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