• coronavirus Nov 25, 2020

    Is Deep Cleaning Just ‘Hygiene Theater' in the Age of COVID?

    We’ve all seen the businesses advertising deep cleaning, disinfectant spray-downs and other visually impressive measures to try to stop the spread of COVID-19. But is some of it actually “hygiene theater” — just to make people feel safer? “The virus and the entire pandemic has created a psychological impact — making people, businesses, think that we might need deep cleaning…

  • hygiene Nov 17, 2020

    With Importance of Hygiene During Pandemic, Mass. Nonprofit Helps Provide Products to Those In Need

    It takes a lot to stay well-groomed these days. Hygiene products like soap are important during the coronavirus pandemic, when hand-washing is so integral to health. Hope and Comfort, a nonprofit based in Needham, Massachusetts, is working to make sure people in need have those items. That can be a challenge for thousands of people in Massachusetts. “You’re getting...

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