• Denmark Nov 26, 2020

    Culled Mink Resurface After Burial in Denmark

    Some of the thousands of mink culled in Denmark to minimize the risk of them re-transmitting the coronavirus to humans, have risen from their shallow graves because gases have built up in the decaying bodies

  • Mink Sep 16, 2020

    Orphaned Cub of Famously Pardoned Mother Bear Mink Dies in NH Traffic

    One of three black bear cubs orphaned by the recent death of their famous mother was hit and killed by a bus in New Hampshire, authorities said. The 30-pound (14-kilogram) cub was struck Monday afternoon after it ran onto Route 10, in West Lebanon, said Michael Hinsley, deputy fire chief in nearby Hanover. The cub was similar to an 8-month-old…

  • New Hampshire Aug 27, 2020

    Mink, the Black Bear, Found Dead in NH

    A bear that trekked thousands of miles to return to her home turf after she was relocated by order of the governor has died, according to wildlife officials. Known as “Mink,” the black bear was set to be euthanized along with three of her offspring in 2017 after repeated problems with them feeding from trash and bird feeders culminated with…

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