• New York Nov 5, 2020

    No Indictment for Cop in Traffic Stop Shooting of Kamal Flowers

    A grand jury voted not to indict the New Rochelle police officer on the shooting death of an apparent armed suspect during a traffic stop in June. Officers stopped a car near Potter Avenue and Pierce Street just before 11 p.m. June 5 for what the police later described in a statement at the time as multiple traffic and vehicle…

  • no indictment Feb 29, 2020

    Marine Under Investigation for Emerson College Death Won't Be Indicted

    The U.S. Marine Corps troop under investigation in the death of an Emerson College student who succumbed to injuries he sustained in a fight in Boston in September, will not be indicted. A Suffolk County grand jury voted Friday to not return an indictment against the marine. That marine had been under investigation since 19-year-old Daniel Hollis, a Hopedale...

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